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Develop Voices

The Voice Singing School is Townsville’s longest established contemporary singing school, created to meet the needs of the modern singer. Founder Tracey Osmond, whose singing career spans 30 years has combined her professional experience and her studies both here and overseas to create a realistic environment to prepare students for the reality of the music industry. A Masters graduate of Griffith’s Conservatorium of Music specialising in vocal pedagogy, Tracey’s vision is to reach aspiring singers through her teaching team which now consists of 7 teachers. Having personally trained and mentored the entire teaching team, Tracey has ensured The Voice is able to meet all students where they’re at whether it be aspiring professional singers or beginners.

Develop Confidence

Don’t let the name mislead you - we are so much more than singing! Over the last 20 years The Voice has been producing not only great vocalists but confident artists. The team delight in creating individual, contemporary vocalists who maintain their own uniqueness whilst always ensuring good vocal health. Accompanied with the teacher’s great mentoring skills, confidence is consistently instilled both on and off the stage.

Develop People

The teachers at The Voice highly value that each student grows into an artist who understands the importance of humility in the industry. By creating a close working relationship with their students, the team at The Voice instill a strong work ethic in a safe environment where students are able to go on a journey of self-discovery through their voice.
Our vision is to produce great singers of all ages who can walk out of their lessons not only as more educated vocalists; but people instilled with a new confidence to take on life
Tracey Osmond
Tracey Osmond

Tracey Osmond

Jaye Mustard

Jaye Mustard

Tyrone Osmond

Tyrone Osmond

Megan Balgue

Megan Balgue

Taylor Fitzgibbon

Taylor Fitzgibbon



Jesse Corbett

Jesse Corbett

Madison Hoskins

Madison Hoskins

  • Tracey Osmond
  • Jaye Mustard
  • Tyrone Osmond
  • Megan Balgue
  • Taylor Fitzgibbon
  • Claudia-Rose
  • Jesse Corbett
  • Madison Hoskins
  • Tracey Osmond

    Tracey is a very familiar face in the Townsville community, as the lead singer of popular corporate band Abbey Road and the director of The Voice Singing School.

    Tracey has coupled her 30year singing career with her studies both in Australia and overseas, to create a school offering an amazing environment for producing confident, well equipped singers who are able to realise their potential both on and off the stage. She is a graduate of Griffith’s Conservatorium of Music and holds a Masters degree in Music Studies (vocal pedagogy) and a certificate lV in work place training and assessment. Tracey has not only performed as a soloist in many community events but has also had the role of Vocal Director for Townsville’s Carols by Candlelight for the past two years. Tracey was also recently involved in the combined school ensemble for the Townsville opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games. Tracey has a passion for people and an undying love of singing and considers it and incredible privilege to help someone find their true voice.

  • Jaye Mustard

    has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember! Since joining The Voice Singing School in 2011 and studying music & music extension through Pimlico State High School, Jaye has performed in many events around Townsville through music, dance and drama.

    This includes the highly anticipated Pimlico Presents and many Mulkadee productions including Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, Peter Pan & Cat In The Riddle. Jaye has also been involved in many cheerleading competitions, resulting in her team competing internationally in Hawaii! Along with Jaye’s love for dance and performance she currently teaches choreography for the Voice Club at Calvary Christian School!

    The Voice Singing School has now expanded to include the pre-prep age group and Jaye has the position of the assistant director of the program. She is heavily involved in the creation and specifically designed Pre-Prep lessons incorporating song and rhymes; teaching musical skills such as beat, pitch and tempo awareness all while developing a love of music.

    Coupled with her extensive performance experience and ongoing training in Vocal Pedagogy, Jaye never fails to present her bright, energetic personality into every lesson!

  • Tyrone Osmond

    Tyrone Osmond's love for young people and music come together perfectly in his role as a Vocal Coach at The Voice.

    Having grown up around The Voice Singing School, Tyrone has attended Showcases and observed lessons from a young age, and it wasn't long before he wanted to become part of the family business. This lead him to complete his Certificate II in Music and also receive an Academic Excellence award in Music throughout his senior year at Calvary Christian College, whilst training under Tracey Osmond.

    In his spare time Tyrone is a lead vocalist, keys and guitar player in the Calvary Band, as well as a Youth Leader at Elevate Youth.

    Having now completed school, Tyrone is beyond excited to become apart of The Voice team and help young singers on their vocal journey.

  • Megan Balgue

    Megan has had a passion for music ever since she remembers. At the age of 6 she commenced classical vocal training and enjoyed competing successfully in the Townsville Eisteddfod. This helped her develop her stage presence, performance and confidence. Her singing journey further advanced at the age of 10, when she began lessons at The Voice Singing School. Under the professional guidance of Tracey Osmond, Megan was encouraged to develop her own unique style of singing. In addition, Megan enjoys playing guitar and this accompaniment compliments her performance. Megan has performed to an array of audiences at various shows and events such as: Carols by Candlelight, Pimlico Presents, V8 Supercars, charity gatherings, the opening of major sporting events and others. Megan has recently proven herself to be a popular choice for young students at the Voice Singing School. Working with her students, Megan develops their voice skills, confidence and furthers her students’ interest in singing and performance. Megan is also furthering her studies at JCU.

  • Taylor Fitzgibbon

    Taylor has always had a love of singing and performing. After becoming a student of The Voice Singing School when she was 9 years old, Taylor went on to complete 9 years of vocal training learning both singing, performance and vocal pedagogy. She has many years of performing experience, including Showcases, Mid-Year and End of Year Concerts, community events including Relay for life, The Special Children’s Christmas Party and singing national anthems for various sporting events around Townsville.

    After 9 years of vocal training, Taylor became a teacher at The Voice Singing school sharing her many years of experience with the next generation of singers. She is passionate about coaching and seeing her students grow not only vocally but in their confidence. Taylor is a very popular teacher at The Voice and once you have been in her presence you can understand why.

  • Claudia-Rose

    Claudia-Rose found her passion for performing at an early age, competing in Eisteddfods and at local performance opportunities in and around North Queensland.

    Having been trained in classical singing since she was 4 years old she made the move to Contemporary at the age of 8. It was here at The Voice Singing School that her passion for music grew.

    Claudia-Rose is an active member of the Townsville theatre community and has been in productions such as Shrek, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar and various New Year's Eve variety shows at the Townsville civic theatre.

    Claudia-Rose has a passion for helping students of all ages find their confidence, and after more than 10 years of vocal and performance training, she is incredibly excited to be a part of the Voice team and help her students grow their passion for singing.

  • Jesse Corbett

    After growing up close family friends with Tracey and The Voice family, Jesse’s passion for music started at a young age, and took flight when he began learning percussion and drums in year 5. This lead to 8 years of performing and competing in multiple concert and jazz bands, and achieving Dux in Music at school.

    While drums was fun, Jesse decided it was time for more and began learning guitar, which branched into teaching himself ukulele, bass, piano, and even a tune or two on the harmonica!

    After graduation, he began to study medicine at JCU, however decided to change directions to pursue his passions of music and teaching. Joining The Voice during his gap year as the resident guitar teacher, Jesse decided to return to university and is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education.

    Working with students of many ages and ability levels, Jesse loves teaching guitar here at The Voice and firmly believes that learning an instrument will always brighten your life.

  • Madison Hoskins

    Madison has had a love of singing and performing since she was a young girl.

    Her passion led her to The Voice Singing School in 2015 and it was then Madison discovered she wanted to pursue a career in not only performing but also teaching, inspiring the next up and coming generation of vocalists.

    Madison is no stranger to the stage and has always been favourite at the many performance opportunities The Voice Singing School offers. Additionally Madison's incredible voice has also been heard at rallies, sporting events and corporate events around Townsville.

    To add to the years of experience Madison has she is also currently studying a Bachelor in Music Specialisation (Performance) at CQU.

    Madison is very excited to be part of the teaching team at The Voice Singing School and is looking forward to not only expanding the music capabilities of her students but also watching their confidence grow on and off the stage.

  • Tracey Osmond
  • Jaye Mustard
  • Tyrone Osmond
  • Megan Balgue
  • Taylor Fitzgibbon
  • Claudia-Rose
  • Jesse Corbett
  • Madison Hoskins

Lesson Details & Pricing

We charge by the term in an upfront term fee which is determined by the length of the Queensland public school term. To officially secure your position at The Voice Singing School, fees must be paid in full, or a Payment Plan must be in place before lessons commence.

One on One Lesson

30 minutes
$44.00 per lesson

Group Lesson

30 minutes
$29.00 p/student p/lesson
4 students per group open to students between 5-15 years of age

Pre-Prep Lesson

30 minutes
$16.50 per lesson
up to 8 students per group open to students between 2-5 years of age

Guitar Lesson

30 minutes
$39.00 per lesson

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The Voice Singing School has expanded to include the pre prep age group.

After nearly two decades of teaching school children through to adults, we heard the demand for a Pre-Prep program.

The Little Voice Singing School's specifically designed Pre-Prep lessons incorporate song and rhymes; teaching musical skills such as beat, pitch and tempo awareness all while developing a love of music.

Our program includes singing, movement, games and activities in a fun, encouraging environment. Children will also experience sharing and the benefits associated with music in academic areas including literacy and numeracy.

Our lessons are designed for Pre-Prep children aged between two and five years old.

Payment Options: We appreciate that some families may experience difficulty in paying their entire upfront term fee, so we have payment plans in place to ensure your position at The Voice is secure. If you would like more information on our payment plan options, please don’t hesitate contact our Administration and we would be more than happy to arrange a Payment Plan for your family.

Studio Locations

Pimlico Voice Singing School

Studio 1 & 2

Pimlico Voice Singing School
54 Diprose Street, 
Pimlico QLD 4814

Mt Louisa Voice Singing School

Studio 3, 4 & 5

Mt Louisa Voice Singing School
57 Mount Louisa Drive,
Mt Louisa QLD 4814

Upcoming Events

You can view all concert and TVSS special events on out Google Calendar.

Performance Opportunities

We offer many great performance opportunities throughout the year that you can be a part of! All of our events are family friendly and are open to students of all ages. We also understand that some students only want to sing for their own enjoyment, and don’t wish to perform in public, and that’s fine by us!!!

Holiday Programs

Here at The Voice Singing School, we are always creating new and exciting opportunities for our students. Our Holiday Programs offer opportunities such as performing in a group, recording a CD, writing a song, marketability and performance techniques.

Previous Event Highlight

  • Your Next Level 2016

    "Your Next Level" Vocal and Performance Development Weekend with American Idol Vocal Coach, Adriana McPhee

    The 'Your Next Level' weekend was a first of its kind, 3 day workshop focusing on topics such as ‘maintaining a healthy voice’, ‘building confidence’, ‘managing performance anxiety’ and ‘nailing your audition’. The weekend featured a Friday night Masterclass Seminar, Small Group Workshops and Private Lessons with the renowned American Idol Vocal Coach.

  • Your Next Level 2016 - Video Highlights

  • Your Next Level 2016 - Poster

    Your Next Level 2016 - Poster
  • Your Next Level 2016 - The Voice Family

    Your Next Level 2016 - The Voice Family

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    Term Dates

    Our term dates are determined by the length of the Queensland public school term. Lessons are not conducted outside of the following dates:
    TermDatesPublic Holidays
    Term 1 (10 weeks)
    Wed January 27th – Thurs April 1

    No Holiday

    Term 2 (10 weeks)
    Mon April 19th – Fri June 25th

    Sunday April 25th, Monday May 3rd

    Term 3 (10 weeks)
    Mon July 12th – Fri September 17th

    No Holiday

    Term 4 (10 weeks)
    Tues October 5th – Fri December 10th

    No Holiday


    Hi Maddi, such a great showcase of young singers and talent. I can’t tell you how much seeing my daughter be part of a group - singing, talking, socialising meant so much to me so I can only... Read More

    Rayarna Richey

    It has been such an incredible journey as a mother to watch my daughters become more confident and skilled by attending weekly lessons, showcases, and concerts. They have a strong village... Read More

    Carolyn Seri

    My daughter started at the Voice Singing School as a member of a girl band at the age of 10. Eight years later she has continued as a soloist and played guitar. As a student she has had the pleasure... Read More

    Carmel Dickinson

    Our daughter really loves her lessons at The Voice as she is always met with such great energy and enthusiasm from her teacher Miss Jaye. You can tell Jaye genuinely loves teaching the kids and it... Read More

    Kylie Corbett

    I have been at the school for almost 6 years now, and my voice has improved drastically. I've been singing since I was a little girl & I am now 16 and it helps me embrace my dreams. Finally, people... Read More

    Rowen Llewellyn

    My sister Sophie Wilson she is loving the lessons she is getting better and better thanks to Kate and credits to all the other teachers thank you.

    Jake Wilson

    There are so many things I love about The Voice Singing School. The teachers are all talented and know how to work with my voice and challenge me. The performances are in a relaxed environment and... Read More

    Taylor Fitzgibbon

    Joining The Voice Singing School is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have been a pupil of The Voice Singing School for nearly 12 months now and my only regret is that I haven't... Read More

    Steve Maguire

    The Voice Singing School has helped my confidence and my voice and has helped me make friends and Lyllie is fabulously awesome.

    Shayleigh Sutton

    I love coming to The Voice Singing School because I have made friends and Miss Lyllie is the best teacher out.

    Paige Lawrence

    I love making new friends and singing at The Voice Singing School.

    Monnae Gedoun

    I love singing with my group. Learning with them makes me feel good.

    Lily Cooke

    Before joining The Voice Singing School, I didn’t have the courage to sing in front of anyone. The Voice Singing School is just like a family and has many great people involved. My teacher Lyllie... Read More

    Kellie Fraser

    The Voice Singing School is awesome because everybody is so supportive of the students and it’s a lovely environment to be in. They also do concerts which build up our confidence and give us a... Read More

    Kaeley Allen

    I like doing singing lessons at The Voice because I have made new friends and I am so excited about the big concerts we do.

    Jaymee Bryant

    The Voice Singing School, to me, is more than just a singing school. It’s a place where I feel accepted. It's somewhere where I can learn to cultivate my talents with the help of the lovely ladies... Read More

    Jasmin Pohlman

    I love coming to The Voice Singing School, because all the teachers are very nice and friendly and I have made a lot of friends. Before I started singing I was not a good singer at all, but I have... Read More

    Fabiana Grace Gedoun

    I have met 3 beautiful friends and we have fun playing games. My singing teacher is very nice and I get to sing my favourite songs.

    Erica El-Khouri

    I have been singing with The Voice Singing School for three years now and totally loving it. I have my first gig on the 19th August at the Bellvue Hotel come one come all and support your local... Read More

    Katrina Bechstein

    My name is Keith, I'm 18 years of age. I love athletics and anything physical, but as much as I like to do all that, I have a passion to make noise .. I love to sing.

    I have been staying behind... Read More


    I love The Voice Singing School, because it has helped me grow into a more confident person, and has strengthened my voice in its weak areas. Since I met Tracey she has taught me to stand tall and be... Read More

    Eve Bolton

    I started with singing lessons nearly ten years ago and haven’t looked back. The Voice Singing School is number one for modern vocal technique. I’ve been a full time musician for seven years now,... Read More

    Daniel Lawrence

    Being a student of The Voice Singing School has been one of the greatest moves I have ever made, both professionally and personally. The education I have received not only on my voice, my technique,... Read More

    Kim Cooper

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